SurveyTip: Get to the point, but be polite

A survey should aim to be like a conversation.  Online surveys don’t have humans involved to listen to how someone feels about the survey, to reword for clarity or to encourage, so you have to work harder to generate comfort.  Although you don’t want to take too long (the number one complaint of survey takers […]

Van Westendorp pricing (the Price Sensitivity Meter)

This is a follow up to classes I taught that included a short section on pricing research methodologies. I promised some more details on the Van Westendorp approach, in part because information available online may be confusing, or worse. This article is intended to be a practitioner’s guide for those conducting their own research. First, […]

Time to cool it? (your tea that is)

As a tea-drinking Brit I was fascinated by a study about tea drinking in Northern Iran concluding that drinking very hot tea is strongly associated with higher risk of oesophageal cancer. Digging in further, I was struck by a number of points: The article I first noticed, by Karen Kaplan of the Los Angeles Times, […]

Profiting from customer satisfaction and loyalty research

Business people generally know that satisfying customers is a good thing, but they don’t necessarily understand the link between satisfaction and profits. This is partly because much of the original work was done so long ago that contradictory cases and nuances have created confusion to build up. Additionally, some companies have appeared successful for a […]

When Validation Backfires

I just came across an interesting issue with validation in an online survey using a Van Westendorp pricing model.  Van Westendorp is one of the common ways to test pricing by directly questioning prospective purchasers.  This post isn’t about Van Westendorp, also known as the Price Sensitivity Meter (you can find plenty of references online, […]

Why Market Researchers should care about bandwidth

The Pew Research Center has tracked broadband adoption for several years; the most recent study shows that the adoption rate has dropped. As of April 2008, 55% of the adults in the U.S. have access to broadband at home, with just 10% using dial-up connections. As you might imagine, broadband usage is unevenly distributed. People […]

Why don’t surveys support Firefox?

Some surveyors don’t support Firefox in their online surveys. Why is this a mistake?

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